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What is assertiveness and how does it tie into my internship? This is the key question for todays blog. Assertiveness is just another word meaning confidence. Confidence is the key to making your experience as an intern worthwhile. Being assertive as an intern will help you improve interpersonal interaction with your coworkers and get tasks done efficiently. There are many attributes that one can do in order to install assertiveness within themselves. For instance, listening. Listening and understanding others will help you obtain knowledge about  the world around you. Listening helps with assertiveness because it helps one understand the perspectives of others  thus becoming more confident on how to approach others.

Not only understanding what others think will help you become more confident, but knowing yourself as well. Understanding your strength and weaknesses is also another attribute that will help you become assertive.  Even though we all want to use our strength daily, there are always going to be weaknesses. Although we can turn our weaknesses into strength. Understanding one owns mistake is not only a component of developing assertiveness, but it is also a part of developing maturity. Of course there is going to be ups and downs during your day or your internship, but it is all part of the experience and life.

Additionally, even though assertiveness is one of those things that we need within ourselves during the internship, there many things that we do need and that we don’t need during the internship experience.  For instance, being professional. You have to remember the position you are in and listen to people who are above you such as your supervisor. Always talk formally to the supervisor in order to get tasks done efficiently. Additionally, coworkers are also other figures to look up as well. Coworkers will help or assist you with getting done with your tasks.

Also, if you don’t understand the task given to you, you can ask the supervisor or coworkers. For instance, in my first day as an marketing intern for a company called Borgo Italia, I was given a task to correct their English on their website in order for international consumers understand what their website is about. There were a lot of grammar mistakes on the website, but luckily, I have a nice supervisor to help me understand what the website is supposed to say.

My first day as an intern was rocky from the start because I had to take a bus to my workplace.  I have never token a public bus which is why it was difficult for me. Additionally, I was late for the bus that I was supposed to be on because there we door complications in the monastery.  But, it was smooth sailing after the rocky morning start. I got on the right bus and got off on the right stop! You may think this isn’t an achievement, but it was a major achievement for me. I guess you could say it raised my street smarts up a bit.

As you can see,  I gained knowledge various things such as information about the company I am working for, coworkers, and buses.  I can’t wait to learn more about the company and gain more knowledge about the world around me.  Next blog post will be about my experience on the fragrance exhibition in Florence, Italy.

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